NCS Garage November Spotlight: Tammy McVey’s 1969 Dodge Charger RT

Check out this incredible piece of history! We’re the proud owners of this 1969 Dodge Charger RT, made famous as the ride of Bo and Luke Duke. This beauty’s got a 440 engine, 4-barrel power, automatic transmission, AC, sleek black bucket seats with a floor shifter and console. Unbelievably, it’s rust-free and has never been taken apart.

Originally painted F8 green, a local Dodge dealership transformed it in the ’80s, turning it orange and decking it out with those iconic General Lee decals to resemble the Dukes of Hazzard Charger. The actors John Schneider and Tom Wopat, who played Bo and Luke Duke, even graced the dealership with their presence, and one of them took this very car for a spin.

A friend snagged it shortly after, removed the famous decals, and cruised in it now and then, storing it safely in a warehouse until we got our hands on it in 2020. Now, we’re keeping it snug indoors and gearing up for a restoration in the near future. Stay tuned for the revival of this legendary ride! Here

NCS Garage November Spotlight: Tim Brickhouse’s 1969 Mustang GT Fastback

This vintage beauty boasts a 351 4V engine, 3-speed manual transmission, with a striking Silver Jade Metallic exterior complemented by a sleek black interior. A true rarity, being one of only 5,396 GT models produced in 1969. I stumbled upon this gem in 2004 when it was listed as a “parts car” in a local Auto Trader ad. The original owner and a friend initiated a restoration but abandoned it midway, leaving the car disassembled for over 15 years. I purchased the disassembled vehicle for $1800.00 and embarked on a meticulous two-year-long rotisserie restoration. Every aspect of the car, from metalwork to interior, was painstakingly revived.

NCS Garage November Truck: his classic beauty, powered by a Chevy small block engine, underwent a remarkable restoration 20 years ago, and it’s still turning heads today. Upgrades include a Mustang II front end, Ford 9” rear end, Turbo 350 transmission, Weld wheels, a custom interior, and the stunning BASF Diamont paint that Joe’s dad expertly sprayed.

But what truly makes this truck special is the memories it carries. It was a cherished part of Joe’s childhood, where he fondly recalls sitting on his dad’s lap as they explored back roads together.

In 2005, Joe’s dad passed away, leaving behind this incredible legacy. Now, Joe and his son are creating new memories, cruising the streets in this sweet ride. It’s a tradition that will be passed down to the next generation, ensuring that the appreciation for classic cars lives on.