Navy Ship Paint

National Coatings & Supplies | Single Source Inc., distributes special Chemical Agent Resistant Navy Ship Paint and Naval Coatings. These high-performance military coatings have been applied to the exterior and interior of Navy Ships and equipment.

NCS | SSI carries Navy Ship Paint and Naval Coatings by NCP Coatings, one of the top suppliers of Qualified Military Specified Coatings. NCP Coatings’ Naval Coatings products have been produced using the stringent guidelines of Naval Research Laboratory and NAVSEA.

Naval Coating Highlights

  • Protect the exterior and interior
  • Protects against chemicals
  • Reduce maintenance & repair costs
  • Uphold and shine through the abuse of the elements
  • Add life to the asset
  • Guard against rust and corrosion
  • Withstand impact from materials (building materials, raw materials, hazardous substances, etc.)

National Coatings & Supplies | Single Source provides both water-borne and solvent-borne Navy Ship Paint and Naval Coatings that are meant to be applied to assembled Naval Ships or to components through the manufacturing process. We supply contractors, refinishers, and maintenance departments for both public and private sectors. Moreover, NCS | SSI has technical consultants that are able to assist throughout the process and help you decide which product type and technology best fits your needs.

Mil-DTL Navy Ship Coatings Include

Topcoats / Primers

  1. Epoxy Polymide to protect surfaces from the environment, and is primarily used on steel and aluminum in marine and industrial environments where a hard, durable, chemical resistant coating is wanted.
  2. An Acrylic Emulsion Enamel with exceptional gloss and color retention intended for use on primed metal. Low reflective, designed to be highly absorbent in the visible and near IR portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  3. Alkyd Primer Navy Formula is a general primer for steel and is for aluminum.
  4. High Temperature Aluminum, which is meant to be used on superheated steam lines, boiler casings., boiler drums, superheated headers and other applications where resistance to temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Equipment Enamel Low VOC.


  1. Topcoat (SiloxoShield products)
    1. Copolymerized Silicone Alkyd Enamel to protect ship topsides against solar radiation and the harsh marine environment.
    2. Semi-gloss Copolymerized Silicone Alkyd Enamel for use on primed metal, glass, reinforced plastic and plastic composite surfaces.
  2. Acrylic Emulsion Coatings for primed metal particularly on smooth exterior metal.
  3. Non-Flame Emulsions (Water-based) -fire retardant, non-intumescent coatings designed for interior spaces on naval ships and submarines.
  4. Fire Retardant Chlorinated Alkyd (Solvent-based).
  5. Chlorinated Alkyd Enamel semi-gloss designed for interior industrial marine application where flame resistance is required.
  6. Navy Formula Epoxy that is created for demanding high performance environments. Its a self priming coating that has outstanding adhesion and good flexibility.
  7. Navy Formula Urethane a two component polyester that is highly flexible and weather resistant. Camouflage Paint for Submarines.

Primer / Topcoat

  1. SiloxoGrip is a Siloxane non-skid deck coating that is durable, stain & chemical resistant, moisture tolerant, and low solar absorbent coating with broad application including windows.

Navy Ship Paint and Naval Coatings Manufacturer

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