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  • Opus IVS DriveSafe

Opus IVS DriveSafe

Revolutionize collision repairs with DriveSafe, an advanced platform seamlessly integrating rapid and precise IVS Scan, expert-assisted OE scan, and necessary ADAS calibrations through CCC integration. This ensures meticulous repair planning, shorter cycle times, and increased profitability. Drawing insights from numerous phone calls, Opus IVS discovered that most collision shops use four or more different scan tools, a challenge addressed by DriveSafe, which consolidates these tools into a single device.

DriveSafe provides access to multi brand and dealership-level software for over 40 manufacturers, along with pre-installed CCC integration. With the ability to compose estimates on-site and instantly upload photos, notes, and other data to your CCC portal, the process becomes seamless. A simple button push and your information is sent!


  • Rapid and Accurate Scans
  • CCC Integration
  • Expert Assisted OE Scan
  • Required ADAS Calibrations


  • Precision in Repair Planning
  • Reduction in Cycle Times
  • Increased Profits

Choose OpusIVS DriveSafe and discover the future of collision repair-where precision, efficiency, and expertise come together to reinvent the repair process.

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