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NCS | SSI carries NCP Coatings Products for military, industrial, and commercial industries. NCP Coatings products are known to be innovative, high performing, and to optimize customers’ assets. This manufacture delivers cutting-edge protective coating solutions and its product application can be found on ground military equipment, naval ships, military jets, aerospace, light and heavy-duty industries (transportation, earth moving equipment etc), commercial (trailers, axles), and forestry (tree paint).

NCP Coatings Products carried at NCS:

DynaBoat – Industrial Marine Protective Yacht Coatings that are ideal for fishing boats to yachts to jet skis. Products are zero to ultra-low VOC coatings and available in primers, topcoats, enamels, nonskid/ zero slip

DynaMatch – Industrial coatings for foundry castings (designed for early moisture resistance and extended corrosion resistance), general metals, plastics, agriculture/ heavy equipment, trailers, recreational boats. Products are available in low VOC Primers, and water reducible force primer, epoxy primers, and topcoat

DynaHaul – created to have excellent color and gloss retention, this product is direct to metal high impact and chip resistance tailer paint, and available in low VOC, primers, topcoats, enamels, and nonskid/nonslip. will aid all your boating needs. Above waterline topcoat finishes, undercoats, primers, fillers, and epoxy; below the waterline primers, fillers, and epoxy.

DynaGrip – is a nonskid, nonslip coatings that is flexible and impact-resistant that comes in fine to coarse grits. DynaGrip ranges from 12 grit (coarse) that is roll applied and rugged to 50 Grit ultrafine that is spayed applied using conventional pressure feed systems.

DynaGaurd – impact resistant UV stable two-component urethane coating and its used-on trailers, agriculture/ heavy equipment.

DynaZV – designed for general aviation, agriculture implements., transit vehicles, fleet trucks, heavy industrial equipment and marine. This brand addresses VOC concerns with superior results that are high performing and with no or ultra-low VOC. Catalysts, thinners, accelerators, primer surfacers, and topcoats.

National Coatings & Supplies | Single Source, Inc. (NCS | SSI) is a national industrial coatings & paint distributor. NCS | SSI distributes high performing NCP Coatings industrial paints and coatings across the United States to Manufactures, Maintenance Companies, and Restoration Shops. NCS | SSI carries a wide range of Primers, Basecoats, Topcoats, Activators, Tints, Toners etc. from NCP Coatings that are known for their advanced technology. Customers come to NCS | SSI for Automotive Paint, Aerospace Coatings, Agricultural Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Semi Truck Paint, Fleet Coatings, Oil & Gas Pipeline Coatings, Marine Coatings, Military Coatings, and Sports Coatings. Coating Technologies provided: Water Based Paint and Solvent Based Paint, Acrylics, Alkyds, Epoxies, Latex Resins, Polyurethanes, and Urethanes.

Our industry expertise and coating resources allows us to offer customers everything that they need to improve efficiency, cut cost, and decrease error giving them a competitive edge.

For more information on paint, coatings, tools and equipment, training or inventory management or questions about industries we serve contact us now or stop by one of 180 plus locations in 38 states nationwide.

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