Industrial Paint & Coatings Solutions

National Coatings & Supplies | Single Source, Inc has a devoted team that specializes in Industrial Coatings Solutions. The industrial coatings we provide across the United States have been applied to materials, components, and surfaces ranging from oil and gas pipelines to roadways to private jets to heavy duty construction equipment.

Our industrial paint is often applied to the surfaces of assets that typically go unnoticed and on equipment that is consistently working in Aerospace, Aviation, Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Fabrication, Transportation, Manufacturing, Military and Marine. The paint we distribute is ideal for taking preventative measures to ensure a long and healthy asset life.

  • Aviation Coatings: Our Aviation, Aerospace, and Aircraft paint solutions and supplies serves the needs of private and corporate manufacturing and maintenance companies across the United States.
  • Agriculture Coatings: NCS | SSI has provided industrial paint, coatings, and supplies that have been used on farming machines, components, and equipment such as tractors, combines, plows, balers, fertilizer spreaders, seeders, feeders, tanks, gates, blades etc.
  • Construction Coatings: We provide industrial paint, coatings and supplies for construction equipment and machines that endure a lot. Equipment is often left out in the elements and must be easy to spot for safety reasons: such as bulldozers, backhoes, cranes, graders, cranes, safety railing, dump trucks etc.
  • Energy Coatings: NCS | SSI specializes in coatings for midstream in oil & gas storage and transportation: pipelines, rail, barges, oil tankers. Our coatings can also be found on mounts, stands, and brackets for solar panels.
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication Coatings: Our direct to metal (DTM) liquid & powder coatings and supplies are being used in various manufacturers and fabricator dip tanks across the United States: i.e., dump body manufactures, trailer manufactures, canopy manufactures, steel & metal fabricators.
  • Commercial Vehicle & Transportation Coatings: These paint applications include semi-trucks, delivery vans, box trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, tankers, tow trucks, roads etc.
  • Marine Application Coatings: Our marine paint is from the world’s leading paint manufacturers in marine industrial coatings. The coatings / paints we carry are known to protect in fresh and saltwater environments.
  • Military Paint: We carry top Military paint & coatings from the world’s leading paint manufacturer which as been applied to US Naval Ships and Aircrafts.

We know how important wear resistance, corrosion protection, and heat resistance coatings are for vehicles, pipelines, equipment, and machines. We also know that corrosion, wear, and decay are costly to your business and brand.

The right industrial coating puts you in control of improving asset life and aesthetics. So, we focus on bringing you the best options from around the industry.

  • Top Liquid & Powder Coating Brands
  • Broad Selection
    • Find urethanes, epoxies, enamels, and powder coatings for vehicles, machines, equipment, buildings, floors and more. Also find supplies needed for paint / coating application such as body filler, tape, abrasives, PPE, paint guns etc. from 3M, Devilbiss, SATA etc. Choose from multiple green coatings and military spec CARC paints.
  • Superb Service
    • Get all the help you need with training, paint booth setup, inventory management and OSHA and EPA compliance. Our NACE CIP-certified techs can optimize your operation top to bottom.
  • National Distribution
    • Supplies, advice, and local support are always close by. Over 180 stores across the country connect you to a network of industrial coatings professionals and problem solvers.

A supplier is easy to find. A partner with deep industry knowledge, robust supply-chain logistics and a reputation for first-class service is not.

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