Jones Blair

Any product sold to any customer has one purpose―to provide a solution to a problem. Since 1928, the Jones-Blair brand has helped protect equipment, vehicles and infrastructure against rust and decay with heavy-duty paints and coatings.

Available only from NCS, Jones-Blair products use the same formulation that has been proven over decades to deliver maximum durability and service life in demanding environments. Backed by a nationwide logistics network, the Jones-Blair range of primers, intermediates and topcoats gives you convenient access to leading technologies and reliable distribution.

Only NCS brings you Jones-Blair heavy-duty trailer coatings that are trusted for where jobs are tougher. Using the same formulation that has been proven for decades, Jones-Blair products deliver maximum protection and service life in the harshest conditions.

Select from epoxy primers offering excellent corrosion prevention to urethane topcoats providing superior UV resistance. Today, Jones-Blair coatings continue to occupy a broad spec position on countless machines that must withstand demanding environments.

  • Protecting Oil & Gas Assets

We can match your hydraulic fracturing, cementing, water transfer, stimulation or support equipment to a stronger coating option. From exploration to extraction, Jones-Blair solutions were developed through extensive oil and gas field experience and continue to occupy a broad spec position throughout the industry.

Select from coatings designed to withstand harsh, abrasive environments including epoxy primers offering excellent corrosion prevention and urethane topcoats providing superior UV resistance. Lining solutions for tank interiors are also available through Hempel Group as part of a comprehensive portfolio of options.

  • Industrial-Strength Coatings

Whether you are protecting valuable assets or improving the look and durability of manufactured goods, Jones-Blair high-performance, high-gloss coatings are second to none where a durable finish and quality appearance are required.

Including paints and coatings for agriculture and construction equipment, commercial trucks and trailers, general industrial manufacturing and much more, you get products recognized and respected for outlasting the competition.

“Tough and trusted industrial paints and coatings”

With NCS you can:

  • Choose top-performing paints and coatings that have undergone extensive independent and in-house testing.
  • Take advantage of regional blend centers that allow us to mix and color-match coatings the same day orders are placed, in most cases.
  • Work with a partner that knows how to balance your requirements for performance and cost. Local training and technical services are supported by NACE CIP experts.
  • Receive timely pricing, order and shipping information. Our nationwide distribution network supports you coast-to-coast.
  • Trust that your bottom line is our focus. We deliver stronger coatings and the strategic thinking that creates new efficiencies.

We have served heavy-duty markets in North America for nearly a century and know how to safeguard your people and assets. We also know the value of a partner that can deliver on short notice, so your operation doesn’t slow down.

For a supplier relationship that lasts, trust NCS for Jones-Blair paints and the people who work harder for your business.