Oil & Gas Coatings

National Coatings & Supplies, Inc. (NCS) is your total solutions provider for oil and gas coatings that help protect what’s most important. We know that the industry is tough and requires even tougher coatings. Therefore, we distribute stronger wear- and corrosion-resistant options that deliver a lasting finish and the highest-quality appearance where desired.

NCS | SSI knows the wide array of unique challenges as oil and gas is moved onshore via pipelines and tanker trucks. Given the drive to cut capital costs and the need to adhere to strict environmental regulations that are inherent in this industry, the long life of a coating system and effective protection of assets are essential.

National Coatings & Supplies provides top coating brands that are designed for all types of anti-corrosion, high temperatures, chemicals, fire, and pressure for the oil and gas industry. Our oil & gas protection solutions include tanker linings.

Types of Coatings Supplies

  • Direct to metal
  • Electrocoat
  • Epoxy primers
  • Powder Coatings
  • Thermoplastic coatings
  • Topcoats
  • Water borne
  • Solvent borne primers
  • Zinc rich primers

Coating Manufactures Supplied

Our nationwide stores, partnerships, and other resources allows us to better serve customers everything they need quickly. We’re the experts in paint application with our NACE CIP Technicians, paint booth set-up, inventory management, and OSHA and EPA compliance.

A supplier is easy to find. A partner with deep industry knowledge, robust supply-chain network and a reputation for first-class service is not. For more information on paint, coatings, tools and equipment, training, inventory management by LOG1C ICS or questions about industries we serve contact us now or stop by one of 180 plus locations in 38 states nationwide.

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