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Axalta eNews Summary December

Axalta Points for Parts:

Did you know that you can directly impact Axalta’s color offering and accurate color matching? AND also earn real $?

The Axalta Points for Parts Program is designed to collect car parts (a small metal cut out of a manufacturer’s color), analyze each color/car part, and create new formulas/variants to be able to offer the best color match.

The Points for Parts program rewards customers and distributors who ship qualifying car parts to the Axalta Coating Systems color laboratory. Car parts help Axalta continuously improve color position and provide more accurate color match for the refinisher.

Each car part that meets all program requirements is eligible for Axalta Color Points that can be used to purchase Axalta merchandise in the Axalta Points for Parts Rewards Store and qualify to receive Visa® gift cards. Read More starting on page 1 of the PDF

Discontinuation Notice: Nason® 491-17 Etch Primer, Gallon

Effective immediately, the following Nason® products are discontinued in an effort to streamline SKUs and simplify product lines. Please sell any remaining inventory. Returns will not be accepted. Read More starting on page 8 of the PDF

Update to Spectrophotometer Loaner Process

To help ensure that a loaner spectrophotometer unit (Acquire™ Quantum EFX, Acquire™ Plus EFX, Acquire™ Color Compact, or Acquire™ RX) is available for every customer who requires one during a repair period, effective October 1st, we are updating our loaner process. Read More starting on page 10 of the PDF

TechConnect Consolidates Contact Options

Earlier this year, Axalta introduced TechConnect, a streamlined route to accessing support services to make it easier than ever for Axalta refinish customers in the United States and Canada to get the technical support they need as quickly as possible.

We are pleased to announce that beginning today, TechConnect options can all be found on a single contact page. Read More starting on page 12 of the PDF


As part of our commitment to helping Refinish Customers find and retain talent, Axalta Refinish North America is pleased to introduce a new training option, the Prepper to Painter Development Course. Read More starting on page 14 of the PDF

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Axalta eNews Summary December