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LOG1C Automated Inventory Control System 

What is Inventory Control?

Inventory control is the procedure of making sure your assets are accounted for and are available for use.

Why is Inventory Control needed?

Inventory is probably the most important asset to any company, and poorly managed inventory is a costly issue. Poor inventory management:

  1. causes a messy workplace / cabinet
  2. causes over stock issues by redundant purchases because of items lost / missed placed
  3. causes products to expire

    Hence, the importance of an automated inventory control system

    What is LOG1C ICS (Inventory Control System)?

    LOG1C ICS is the only web-based inventory management and material recovery tool that was built specifically for the needs of the automotive repair industry.

    LOG1C’s application allows customers to proactively track and control shop inventory, performance, create goals, and budget at all levels.

    Our full Inventory Control System offers material tracking by technician, by monthly counts, by repair order tracking, and by third-party invoices. LOG1C ICS is designed to help shops save money by helping shops spend smarter on what is needed.

    LOG1C ICS features will allow you to keep the shop running smoothly by a click of the button. Shop Personnel can search for items, filter, sort, track, order, bill, and set inventory quantity minimums that’ll trigger automatic reorder. Also, when dealing with insurance companies you’ll be able to mark items as recoverable or non-recoverable for insurance invoicing.

    How Log1c ICS’s Inventory Control System Helps

    Log1c ICS starts off by understanding your needs, so we can see where we can help save you money. Once we have a clear understanding of what is needed for the business, we create an approved product list: by thoroughly going through all assets with management to craft a list of essential products. Our team has cut product list by 87% – we’ve helped a customer cut its product list from 2,000 to 250. With the new concise approved product list, we organize and implement our simple automated system. We provide cabinets, every product has a designated place with allotted space, and every space has a barcode for the product that belongs. Our simple automated system will make inventory easier to monitor and track.

    Why Collision Centers and Body Shops Prefer LOG1C ICS:

    1. Streamlined Efficiency – by standardizing inventory, tools, and quality of repairs. LOG1C ICS makes sure inventory stock rooms and/or point of use carts are using only approved products.
    2. Increase Profit Margins – Our supplemental Invoicing tool instantly allows you to document and get paid for those Not-Included P&M item that often get overlooked on a repair order.
    3. Diagnose & Improve Performance – Robust analytical reporting to measure progress based on specific shop goals or Industry KPIs.
    4. Reduce Cost, Increase Productivity – Track purchases in real-time and stay within your monthly budget.
    5. Web-Based Application – Log in and check from anywhere 24/7.

    Log1c ICS was created to help you with making better inventory decisions. Today’s operating environment changes so rapidly that inventory management is one area where agility truly counts.

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