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PPG News Offering a choice of spray gun ready quart or aerosol can, ONECHOICE® UV-Cured Primer Surfacers can be fully cured and ready to sand in two minutes—the ideal solution for high production shops seeking to increase the throughput of their paint operation. • HIGH BUILD PERFORMANCE OF 2.0-2.5 MILS PER COAT

BASF News November 2021

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Faster Results, Clear Advantage. Enhance your shop’s throughput with RMC2600 Production Baking Clear, a two-component acrylic urethane high gloss clearcoat that bakes in less than 20 minutes. Developed for use over Diamont or ONYX HD Basecoats, RMC2600’s faster bake time surpasses today’s industry baking clearcoats by up to 5-10 minutes. More information in PDF.

Axalta News December 2021

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Click Image below for Full PDF Axalta Points for Parts: Did you know that you can directly impact Axalta’s color offering and accurate color matching? AND also earn real $? The Axalta Points for Parts Program is designed to collect car parts (a small metal cut out of a manufacturer’s color), analyze

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